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About NelliumCrafts and PicklesPaw

Ellie and Pickle, the owner and furry mascot of NelliumCrafts and PicklesPaw

Hi, I'm Ellie!

I live to craft! As cheesy as that sounds, it's really true, creating all these items in my little shop is my escape from my normally hectic life.


All the items I have are designed by me, created by me, by hand, in my little home office. Every order is made to order, so every care and attention can be made to make sure you love your new items as much as I loved creating them!

NelliumCrafts started with me making custom cockapoo portraits for the cockapoo lovers in my life, and slowly grew into what it is today! A mix of gifts, stationery and all other crafts I can think of!

PicklesPaw joined the scene after adopting my dog Pickle, and getting the urge to make dog bandanas so she could look even cuter than she already does! From starting with a few shop bought fabrics, we now have PicklesPaw exclusive fabrics, designed by me!

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